Senior Payroll Administrator M/V ** Ingevuld **
Referentie JAAS02
Dienstverband Full-time
Status Eindkandidaten bekend
Datum plaatsing dinsdag 02 maart 2010
Locatie Zoetermeer
Duur Vast dienstverband
Organisatieinformatie Zoetermeer

Website: http://
Omschrijving Branche: Finance
Department: Accounting & Tax

Function description
- To ensure timely & accurate running of payroll & expenses for the company
- To ensure data maintained on other systems in correct
- To ensure costs are correctly charged to other units
- To ensure statutory payments and returns are on time

Job Requirements
- Experience of payroll
- General ledger
- Pension methodology

- Responsible for the payroll team handling all input for starters, leavers, changes, site assignments, pensions etc etc on receipt of data from HR
- Preparing & sending files in agreed formats for direct input into payroll system covering bulk changes – e.g. overtime / salary increases etc
- Ensuring that adequate controls of salaries, numbers and changes are in place for audit purposes
- Payment of Tax, NI Pensions & other third party creditors each month and annual payments of Employers NI on benefits etc
- Authorising manual payments for leavers, site floats etc
- Payment of above and other payments
- Overseas Assignments. Company's units operate "Net Pay" contracts and the Payroll Manager will be required to do these calculations for HR to brief staff going overseas and also to implement these payments via overseas payroll.
- Preparation and handling of dispensation / PSA agreements etc
- Liaise with company funds and external pensions providers re supply of monthly data; current legislation applicable to payroll; and changes affecting employer and employees.
- Year End procedures. Normal (Cars, medical, relocation and other benefits)
- Payments to consultants / ex employees outside of payroll as required
- Provide various information to HR – e.g. Redundancy calculations, flexi benefit costs etc
- Provide various data to Finance & Project accountants e.g. Payroll Burdens / site costs
- General Ledger – Reconciliation of payroll balance sheet accounts: Journals etc as required to projects: Overseas Tax accounts – accruals and payments as requested
- Instigation of data for Treasury for payment of foreign salaries & other payments (IR etc)

Range and scope of activities
- Many different applications used
- Problems from staff re pay solved by reference solved by reference to source documents / HR / Managers
- Queries from HR re overseas pay for contracts / redundancies etc
- Discretion to the highest level required
- Generally able to make decisions affecting payroll dept work
- Approval from line manager / Dept manager for other items
- Approval from Manager HR related to HR items
- Obviously customer – staff & other units – will be affected by my decisions
- Communicate at all levels – peers / managers / directors / other Aker Solutions group companies / outside agencies.
- Needs good written/verbal communication skills with all kind of nationalities
- All methods – telephone / verbal / written, English, Dutch
- Internal 90%, External 10%
Contact info Jan Aker
Contact telefoon: 020-4714537 of 06-53237941

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